The aims of the foundation

Enabling creative projects,  artistic, scientific or commercial, by offering a temporary place of residence or a visiting workplace in an environment especially created for focussed innovative work.

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The foundation has been incorporated in June 2023 under German law, supervised by the Regierungspräsidium Stuttgart and the tax authorities at its place of incorporation.

Not for profit

The foundation has been approved as a not-for-profit, tax-exempt organization under German law.

Board of Directors

The board is chaired by Dr. Gregor Hopf. The supervising German authorities have granted Dr. Hopf the right to legally represent the foundation.


Open for applications towards the end of 2024. Register your interest via email at office[at]


The Maison des Créateurs is not yet open for applications. Register your general interest via email at office[at]

Currently, the foundation plans to be able to offer residencies from late 2024 onwards. If you want to register your interest write an email to office[at]

The foundation aims to offer residencies for any kind of creative project, be it artistic, scientific or commercial. Residencies are only available upon application. The project should be able to demonstrate a strong likelihood of publication of the project in any given form after the time of residence.

You can either come to the Maison des Créateurs on a daily basis, work there but stay somewhere else, or stay at the Maison des Créateurs for a longer period of time upto 6 months.

The foundation has a small advisory board who selects the future residencies. Its members are mainly past residents of the foundation.

Longer-stay residencies, who stay overnight at the Maison des Créateurs, will be charged a small daily fee as a contribution to their direct running expenses and a charge for the cleaning of their rooms.

The foundation is currently locating possible sites for the Maison des Créateurs. So far a final decision on the location of the Maison des Créateurs has not yet been taken.

The foundation is still looking for the best location for the Maison des Créateurs. Therefore, at the moment we can’t offer any information about the likely accomodation and services available.